Foodie & The Beast from Home: May 2, 2021

One of the positive’s of the pandemic: we can do the Foodie & The Beast show from anywhere. This last show, Tess and Nycci went up to Philly to see the fam (first time in so so long!) and David and Nycci still banged out another episode. This week’s guests featured some new faces that are changing the DC landscape and some old friends who are re-emerging: 

* What’s at Central Farm Market? Deb Moser has the freshest details                                                          * Like the most successful dating apps, the “Happied” app connects people interested in similar food and drink experiences sharing dinners of tasty fare in virtual settings. Happied cofounder April Johnson demo’d deliciousness.                                                                         
*About 25 years ago, Duane ‘Myko’ Cheers’ mom was diagnosed with Lupus. Not happy with the prospect of conventional medical care, she decided to combat the disease with a diet of raw veggies.  She lived two more decades, thanks to her diet and to a special vegan burger Duane invented that’s now at the heart of Duane’s company, Legendary Burger.
*Food and wine festival impresario Greg Nivens is not one to just take it on the chin and fall down – when COVID restrictions hit, he broadened his offering to something bigger than big – and so, he’s arranged, with his Jurassic Encounter show, for Dinosaurs to return from extinction and invade Northern Virginia from May 14-31. Plus, festivals are slowly on the way back and Greg talks new festival protocol.
*Erica Christian is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Empowering the Diner, a Black women-led, hospitality industry event/discussion where everyone can come together to explore their palates and dining experiences through the lenses of BIPOC creatives - and, hopefully, change - how  a range of discriminatory practices negatively impact the industry, from the guest to the professional.

So much to take in, learn, and apply. Listen to the full episode here.