Spring 2021 Art of the Cocktail Classes With Scott Harris

March 12,2021 – March 12,2021 all-day Repeats
Catoctin Creek
Online Class

Catoctin Creek is is hosting their seventh year of the six-part educational series on the art of the cocktail. The classes will still be online via Zoom. Each week, you will get a shopping list of items for you to pick up, plus the course materials. Then, every Friday night, get yourself comfortably placed behind your bar, with your computer on and ready to go, and enjoy the class interactively just as if it were in person. This series will focus on various cocktails from books that have a prodigious amount of cocktails inside. Think of this season's class as a cocktail-infused book club. You may get the books and review them beforehand, but this is not required. This class will be equal parts, cocktail how-to, education, and fun. Tickets are $10 per person for each lesson, not including ingredients for the class. For more information, please click here.

Schedule for the series: 

  • March 12th - Behind Bars, High Class Cocktails Inspired by Lowlife Gangsters by Shawn McManus, Vincent Pollard, Paul Sloman 
  • March 19th - Give Me Liberty and Give Me a Drink! by C. Jarrett Dieterle
  • March 26th - Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters by Derek Brown with Robert Yule 
  • April 2nd - Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, The Complete History of Presidential Drinking by Mark Will-Weber 
  • April 9th - A Drinkable Feast, A Cocktail Companion to 1920s Paris by Philip Greene
  • April 16th - Shaking Up Prohibition in New Orleans, Authentic Vintage Cocktails from A to Z by Olive Leonhardt and Hilda Phelps Hammond