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I have a new Residency! I'm down at Buzzards Point, the new sparkling development wedged between the Wharf and Navy Yard — this is The Point DC. For the next month, the good people of Fish & Fire Group, aka Greg Casten, are hosting Industry Night in their pretty fabulous property. And I am grateful and excited! So, if you don't know, the Point is the Winner of the Restaurant Development & Design Magazine Award for "Best Restaurant Design," The Point has a glorious outdoor patio ideally situated where the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers join — talk about picturesque and panoramic views. But just because the views are fab — what about the food — right? The Point features a 12-foot wood-infused grill and a dedicated raw bar/sushi bar, so yes, locally sourced oysters are shucked to order.The man, the myth, the legend — Greg Casten — the owner of the Point pops in for a little how do you do.You pay attention to my insta feed, you know I have been out and about:-Caruso's at Pike & Rose - Matt Adler does it again-Dear Sushi in the Love Makoto - Oh Ma Kase-Chefs For Equlaity - Another blowout event-Daru-MakettoAs a regular listener of this show, you know I love to travel. Love it. But making all the decisions is a little overwhelming! When I was a less seasoned traveler, I had done all this research and made all these reservations — it was so stressful — and when I arrived at our hotel, the concierge, Franco, greeted us, sat us down, and asked what our plans were. I took out my book, and he looked at me and said — may I help you here? I was like, PLEASE. He tore through our itinerary, took places out, added places in, and streamlined our trip. It was fantastic! He then let us in on a little secret: whenever you travel and wherever you travel, stay at a hotel that values the concierge's expertise. And since that moment, when selecting a hotel to stay in, I do just that, which got me thinking. I've been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, and I have worked with some of the best in our region. The concierge can really provide you with a stellar trip if you know how to WORK with them wisely. So today's class is a concierge 101In with me today are two very visible concierges in the DC Area: Leslie Valtin, Lead Concierge from the St. Regis & Jeffrey Morgan, Chef Concierge Conrad — we all go way back. Both Jeff and Leslie took different paths to become the experts that they are today, but here is what they both have in common — They are generous souls, thoughtful problem solvers, and convey hospitality in all that they do. They are both past presidents of the WACA and members of Les Clefs d'Or — let's get an education. Listen to the full episode here. Watch the full episode here.  Today's Guests: Greg CastenPersonal Instagram Leslie ValtinPersonal Instagram Jeff MorganPersonal Instagram


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FOODIE & The beast: November 4th, 2023
Straight talk on Sunday's #FoodieAndTheBeastDMV Black Restaurant Week is back and Dr. Erinn Tucker-Oluowoler, co-creator of this experience, tells us how it DMV has evolved. DMV Black Restaurant Week is so much more than a week. It provides mentorship and networking for black chefs and restaurateurs. Chef Henry Brandon Williams of the sustainably sourced FishScale shared his take. You know him from his amazing recipe-filled TikToks & Reels, Jeremy Scheck of ScheckEats now has a cookbook, Cooking Smarter: Friendly Recipes with a Side of Science. This is a guide to straightforward and delicious home cooking. It combines staple ingredients with food science principles to ensure efficiency and good health. We got the influencer, in studio. We've known Barry Koslow for a very long time -- from his ealy days with Neighborhood Restaurant Group at Talulla and now baby is all grown up and is the Executive Chef at the Pendry DC on the very sexy, Wharf.El Tamarindo has been a destination restaurant in Adams Morgan for the last 40+ years. We can't believe it's the first time that Ana Reyes has joined us in the studio. The Salvadoran & Mexican restaruant cooks up pupusas, tacos and bebidas. AND, El Salvador's national holiday, National Pupusa Day, is November 12th and to celebrate, El Tamarindo is starting a Pupusa Week celebration Get ready for all of it on this week's #FoodieAndTheBeast here