The Power Of 10. Simple Math: $10,000 = 10 Full-time Jobs + 1,000 Free Meals


Lovers of food in the DC Area know the name Erik Bruner-Yang as someone who has launched a variety of kitchens featuring his creative take on different cuisines. In the last few years, he has opened Maketto, Brothers and Sisters, ABC Pony, and most recently was named executive chef of &Pizza. Like most of the chef/restaurateurs in the county, Erik has had to assess his businesses and pivot.  Some of the restaurants are functioning in a completely new model and some have had to shut their doors.  This “change” gave Erik an idea and has lent itself to the creation of a new initiative: The Power of 10. Today on Industry Night, Nycci and Erik talk the drastic changes that have had to be made during the pandemic and how his concept, The Power of 10, can be executed not just here locally, but across the country as well, and most importantly, how you can get involved.
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