The Last Days Of Dry January


After all that excess of the holidays, taking a little break isn’t such a terrible idea. But here’s the thing whether you are looking to lower your alcohol intake in January or any time of year the good news is that DC Area Bars & Restaurants have a “drink” just for you:

The bar teams at All-Purpose and The Red Hen have a bevvy of zero-proof cocktails available this month for Dry January. Try the NA Negroni Sbagliato, and NA plays on Dark 'n Stormy and Whiskey & Cola. 1250 9th Street NW; 202.849.6174;

Michelin-starred Bresca is serving three zero-proof drinks for Dry January courtesy of Beverage Director Will Patton and Lead Bartender Sara Chaudhuri. The cocktails include  the "Citronnade à la Menthe" made with (cardamom and lemon cordial, mint and lees), the "Pear Collins" (Bare Zero Proof, pear, lemon and ginger beer,and more 1906 14th Street NW;

Brickstone’s Kitchen 
In honor of Dry or Damp January, Brickstone’s Kitchen is offering a specialty mocktail and a few low-proof cocktails. Their low-proof drinks include Lyre's Rosa Negroni (featuring Lyre's non-alcoholic Italian spritz and pictured below) and a St.-Germain Spritz. The zero-proof specificality cocktail, Lyre's Amalfi Spritz, features Italian spritz with alcohol-free prosecco, club soda, served with an orange wheel. 922 10th Street NW;

Bourbon Steak
Engidawork Alebachew, Bourbon Steak’s lead bartender is now offering a selection of delicious zero-proof cocktails, like the West Indian Limeade, with lime, ginger and bitters, or the Tiki Tiki, with grapefruit, lemon and cinnamon. The zero-proof cocktails are available for lunch and dinner in the bar or dining room. 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; 202.944.2026;

Estuary is serving three zero-proof cocktails in January. The “Amareti Sour” (Amareti lyre’s simple syrup, lemon juice), the “Montreal” 75 (Seedlip garden, lemon juice, maple syrup, non-alcoholic Freixenet), and the “Passion Fruit Fizz” (passion fruit purée, grenadine, lemon juice, ginger ale). 950 New York Avenue NW; 202.215.1068;

Fight Club 
Fight Club Dry has released a January menu of zero-proof cocktails for all those who are going alcohol-free this month. The menu includes Ginger Pear Lemonade (pear puree, ginger syrup, and lemonade), Rusty Garden Tools (Seedlip Citrus Grove, celery water, dill, mint, lime, and crushed pepper), and more. 633 Pennsylvania Avenue SE; 202.885.9714;

The Grill
The Grill is showcasing their nonalcoholic beverages this January with items like Without The Punch ( mango, ginger, pineapple, mint,  bubbles), Lazy Grapefruit  (fresh & charred grapefruit,  grapefruit tonic,  topo chico) and I’ve Been Bitter (ceder’s classic, tart cherry, gentian, lemon).99 Market Square SW; 202.916.5996;

Imperfecto’s Bar Manager Enea Diotaiuti will be offering a special no-alcohol Patron Tequila Anejo cocktail that will be a take of a margarita. The drink is spicy with cayenne peppers and a passion puree. 1124 23rd Street NW; 202.964.1012;

L'Ardente offers several cocktails that can be made spirit-free this January. Indulge in the Espresso Torino, (Lyre’s non-alcoholic coffee liqueur), the Glam Spritz, Martini and Rossi's Vibrante (a non-alcoholic aperitivo),  and the No-groni (a spirit-free version of the classic that uses Lyre’s London Dry non-alcoholic gin and Lyre’s non-alcoholic Rosso aperitivo). In addition, since the bar is stocked with several versions of non-alcoholic spirits, staff can whip up such non-alcoholic cocktails as Mojitos or low-ABV Negronis upon request.  200 Massachusetts NW;

NEW: Matchbox 
Matchbox is featuring mocktails for the dry January season. Enjoy a Strawberry Cosmopolitan (non-alcoholic cosmopolitan mocktail, strawberries, and lemon), a Lemon Honey Mule (non-alcoholic lemonade mule mocktail, honey and nutmeg), and a Strawberry Lemonade. Available at all locations found here

For Dry January, Beverage Director Judy Elahi is featuring the “Muleing Around” which includes Ceder's Wild, Beet, Ginger Honey, Pink Salt, Fever Tree Sparkling Water, and Candied Ginger. The “Storm's Brewing” includes Ceder's Wild, Lime, Pink Salt, Fassionola Syrup, and a Chili Salt Rim. 1201 K Street NW; 202.758.0895;

Moon Rabbit 
Moon Rabbit is getting into the Dry January spirit with the “VIGILANTE SHH” (Inspired by T-Swift herself) from Bar Director Ashley Mac includes Bare Zero Proof Bourbon, “Hot Kid” milk drink ‘horchata’ with glutinous rice, bengal spiced tea- served cold over crushed ice in a “Hot Kid” milk drink can w/ rice krispy treat garnish.  801 Wharf Street; 202.878.8566;

Port City Brewing Company
Port City Brewing Company released their non-alcoholic, hop-infused sparkling water Hopwell offering. It has a tropical hop aroma and a refreshing pop of floral hop flavor as well as zero alcohol and zero calories. 3950 Wheeler Avenue; 703.797.2739;

Unconventional Diner
Unconventional Diner has non-alcoholic cocktails to keep you dry this January. Try their Hibiscus Citrus (lemonade brightened by housemade hibiscus syrup), the Inka Boost (chamomile, matcha, lemongrass and pineapple), and the Hawaiian Punch (mix of guava, pineapple, mango, and lime).1207 9th Street NW; 202.847.0122;

Wilson’s Hardware
Wilson’s Hardware has your Dry January libations. Indulge in their "Frostbite"  mocktail (made with non-alcoholic gin, Blue Curacao, white cranberry juice, Sprite & lime). 2915 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA; 703.527.4200;