Erik Bruner-Yang Sponsors Area Up-and-Comers Through Err’body Eats

Photo: Err'body Eats

In Yiddish there's a term - mensch - it means a person of integrity or honor. Erik Bruner-Yang is a total mensch both in pre- and current-Covid times. From his ever-expanding restaurant empire to his creation and execution of the Power of 10 Initiative, Erik is always looking for ways to contribute and raise awareness to this Industry. Erik has partnered with for all of 2021, and is sharing his platform by highlighting different artisans, restaurants, or groups each month who will benefit from having thing their profile raised. We are grateful for Erik’s generosity and are excited to bring new up and comers to your attention each month.

February's featured profile: Err'body Eats

Err’body Eats empowers food insecure communities to live more sustainable lives by supplying health-conscious meals, living essentials, employment, and education opportunities. The hope is to develop a food centered hub with a commercial community kitchen. A community kitchen will allow the team to have a space to consistently prepare meals for the food insecure population and arm individuals with a health oriented culinary education. The goal is to simultaneously fill the stomachs and feed the spirits of the community. In August 2020, Err’body Eats Feeds the Homies became a nonprofit. Since then the team has been able to distribute over 3600 meals with PPE kits, replace stolen tents or backpacks and spend time with their homies to ensure that everyone is fed and feels seen. For more information, visit To hear Nycci Nellis speak with Courtney Lewis about the program, click here.