Foodie & The Beast from Home: June 14, 2020

On repeat, the curtain continues to rise and spotlight the horrific impact that systemic racism has on our city and our county. David and Nycci stand in solidarity against racism and oppression of all Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We have the platform of Foodie & The Beast and will continue to use it to amplify the BIPOC voices in the restaurant and hospitality space, not just now but always. On Saturday, we were joined by celebrated pastry chef Paola Valez, who one minute was the James Beard-finalist, Rising Star Chef wowing patrons at Kith/Kin, and the next was furloughed due to the pandemic. She launched what started as a local movement, Bakers Against Racism, that soon went global, and you’ll hear how. Also with us, Central Farm Markets’ cofounder Debbie Moser with updates on safe shopping for all your fresh produce, meats and more at area CFM locations. Returning guest, Andra “A.J.” Johnson, is managing partner and bartender at Serenata in La Cosecha near Union Market and cofounder of DC’s Black Restaurant Week and recently launched the Back to Black Pop-Up. She’s a passionate advocate of diversity and across-the-board fairness for restaurant industry workers, and is on to tell us about upcoming events supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and discuss her powerful, City Paper article and book under development, both dealing with cultural neglect of African-Americans in the restaurant industry. When the COVID 19 crisis hit, Chef Javier Arze of Huntsman was selling premium, specialty foods to top restaurants across the Mid-Atlantic. Teaming with suddenly furloughed, local chefs, Chef Javier then pivoted on a dime, delivering Furloughed Chefs gourmet food boxes directly to consumers. And, because drinking while listening is just more fun, Ismael Barreto, lead bartender at Nick Stefanelli’s Officina (Rammy nom for Cocktail Program of The Year), whips up his super-delicious, honey lavender cocktail that you can/should make at home. Listen to the full episode here.