Cheesetique Online Class: Normandy

November 11,2021 – November 11,2021 all-day
Online Class

The Normandy region of France is home to some of the most ancient, storied cheeses in the world. It is also the world-famous center of cider production in all of France, with orchards dating back hundreds of years. Embrace some of the finest French cheese specimens, paired with a slightly off-dry cider that will prove to be one of the best cheese partners you've ever tasted in this online class with Cheesetique. The cheeses will include savory triple-crème Brillat Savarin, earthy/mushroomy Brie Normandie, exclusive Gillot Camembert, apple-brandy-soaked Petit Camembert au Calvados, and ancient Pont l'Eveque. Your kit also includes Chef Natasha's homemade apple compote and fresh demi-baguette. The cider is the Eric Bordelet Organic Sydre "Argelette." Bordelet works his family's Normandy farm, where he is blessed with apple and pear trees planted in the 1700's. The result is the benchmark cider of Normandy—with complexity and fine bubbles of a great Champagne, as well as high acid and stunning minerality. Pick up available on Wednesday, November 10th or Thursday, November 11th. 750mL bottle of cider is available as an add-on for $29.99 per bottle. Shipping is now offered for class kits. Deadline to order for shipping is Sunday night, November 7th. Shipped kits will go out on Monday to arrive at their destinations by Wednesday. In both cases, keep the cheeses refrigerated until one hour before the class. Live and online November 11th, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. EST. For more information or to sign up, please click here.