Empowering The Diner Through Wine: Ain’t No Stoppin' The Prosecco From Poppin'

June 11,2021 – June 11,2021 all-day
Empowering the Diner
Virtual Event

Empowering the Diner is a Black women-led food and beverage event centered on collaboration and inclusion in which they bring folx together to discuss, learn, and explore their palate and dining experiences. Empowering the Diner seeks to dismantle colonizer-led perspectives and gatekeeping practices by challenging the status quo through creative, multi-faceted, and BIPOC-led educational and hospitable experiences. The first educational experience will be: Empowering The Diner Through Wine. This will be offered on a virtual platform called Hopin. Empowering the Diner Through Wine will be a four-week experience. This offering will be conducted in four sessions. Each session will include one full bottle of wine, a pairing BIPOC chef's recipe, and feature educational dialogue with a BIPOC wine professional. The fourth and last session will be a celebratory wrap up conversation where you bring together the discussions about what you like, exploration, why wine is interesting, and why diner/guest empowerment is important. You'll talk about how you can continue to use your buying power for your own exploration, but also to combat racist and discriminatory selling practices. Julia will end this first series with a fun discussion and bubbles. With speaker Julia Coney and Chef Cassidy Lewis. $55 for this session only, or $110 for an all-access pass to all four sessions ($80 for BIPOC). Taught on Friday, June 11th, at 8:30 p.m. EST. For more information or to register, please click here.