Foodie & The Beast: Farm to Home Reimagined: November, 14, 2021

As we do every Sunday, David and Nycci gathered a true variety of movers and shakers (literally) in the hospitality and foos space. ICYMI:
-There was a whole lotta shaking going on thanks to RAMW’s upcoming cocktail week. Crazy Aunt Helen’s Shane Mayson & Matthew Cockrell of Brasserie Liberté poured us a preview
-Last call for Turkey says Mitch Berliner of Central Farm Markets 
-Sam Bernstein chatted creating restaurant subscriptions through his Table 22
-The future of vertical farming is the future. We learned so much from Katie Seawell of Bowery Farming 
-Give the gift of beer with your own label. Greg Reynolds & Sten Sellier Beltway Brewing had lots of good ideas 
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