Foodie & The Beast: Our Crazy Aunt Helen Comes to Visit

When the pandemic began - 18 months ago - we had no idea what was going to happen with the Foodie & The Beast radio show, until we got a call from our producer (Andy!) who said: The show must go on -- but with a couple of changes. That week we began doing the show from our bedroom and we recorded the show on Saturdays via Zoom. That experience really opened our eyes to all the ways we can better our show and its content. This week is a great example:   
-Mitch Berliner of Central Farm Markets always had the latest about what's at the Market: grapes ~ a rarity for local farmer markets
- After a year of Popping Up, Cork is Popping Out! Diane Gross & Khalid Pitts are partnering w/ Chef Ruth Gresser to open a new Cork Market in the Pizzeria Paradiso Spring Valley location. Deets and delish wines poured on air. (Rosé was in the mix, natch)
- Industry vet, Shane Mayson swung open the doors of his new, Crazy Aunt Helen's on Barrack's Row with Chef Mykie Moll serving Miss Pixie-style and comforting dishes. David may have consumed a large amount of the deviled eggs and bread pudding -- just saying 
- Food (media) is my profession but fashion is my passion, and luckily the Design Foundry's, (a DC-based events company known for its artistic event displays) too. Cory Frank joined us to talk the summer activation fashion funhouse,  #InsideTheWardrobe
- The Gathering Spot is a curated, membership community, deeply rooted in culture, that serves as a catalyst for collabs, connections, and innovation. Mitchell McCraw & Chef Martel Stone -- see delish dish above -- decide if we can get in (joking!)
The show must go on, it did and does every Sunday at 11am on 1500am or click to listen to the latest.