Foodie & The Beast: So A Rooster Walks Into The Studio...November 7, 2021

Open WIDE! On Sunday’s Foodie & The Beast we featured all sorts of big worthy bites:
  • It’s now or never, pick up/order your Thanksgiving needs from Central Farm Markets or you’ll be the Turkey
  • Megan Coyle of The Gallavant Group joined us a few months back to talk Gins of India. This time she poured Rampur Indian Single Mmmmmalt
  • Dawson’s Market now has two locations - Rockville & Dupont Circle - and has always been community focused supporting local non-profits, host to many community events, and has a commitment that 10% of their staff will be individuals with disabilities. Bart Yablonsky popped in studio to talk about Dawson’s latest initiatives
  • You know it, you love it, you want to eat all of it. Roaming Rooster’s Michael Habtemariam (co-owner) joined us with a slew of their incredible free-range, grain-fed, antibiotic free, halal, and delicious fried chicken sandwiches
  • David and I love our dogs (you know we do, check out Lu &Pru &Zu in highlights) and our conversation with Renaldo Webb, founder of Pet Plate, gave us greater insight into our dogs' meals - nutritious & fresh - no kibble
That’s #FoodieAndThe Beast every Sunday at 11AM on 1500AM. Listen in here.