Industry Night on Real.Fun.DC: May 17, 2021


When Wolfgang Pick announced he was going to open a Cut steakhouse in the Rosewood hotel a few years back there was the usual Foodie backlash —- another steakhouse! But let’s be honest — DC is known as a steakhouse town but we really don’t have many — and especially good ones. So when Cut opened there was a collective sigh that a hip and hospitable steakhouse was here — but then there was a fire and then the bridge was out and then the pandemic — It took Cut a while to come back. On the next Industry Night with Nycci Nellis is joined by Andrew Skala, Executive Chef of CUT by Wolfgang Puck, and one of the chef's incredible collab-partners, Angel Gregorio founder and owner of The Spice Suite, a growing community-centric spice boutique. But first, RAMW’s Kathy Hollinger is back to talk DC reopening on Friday, May 21 - what does that reset look like? Industry Night at 7:00 p.m. on Real Fun DC. Listen to the full episode here.