Industry Night: The Commingling of Black & Jewish Cultures & Cuisines, February 23, 2023


Back in the Fall, I was blessed with being asked to interview famed author and storyteller, Michael Twitty on the main stage at the Capital Jewish Museum Festival. I did an Industry Night about it as well — please see past episodes — and while I was chatting with Michael I met LaNitra Berger. LaNitra is an Associate Professor of History and Art History and a Director of African and African American Studies at George Mason University. She told me that she and Lauren Strauss who is a Senior Professorial Lecturer (History Department and Jewish Studies Program) and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jewish Studies Program at American University were co-teaching a program together! I was like I need to know more. Given what’s happening in the world today — pre-Ye or post — there are places where the Jewish & Black diaspora connect and also divide. We really go into it ~

"So across the spectrum where black people were able to flourish in the arts, you often find that Jewish people are supportive in a variety of ways." - Lanitra

"I felt that it was a responsibility to also talk about less attractive, less positive examples of black Jewish interaction and give sort of, you know, of a fuller, fuller-fledged picture of Jewish interaction with black customers. - Lauren

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