More Than Bagels & Schmears: Industry Night, October 4, 2022


The Capital Jewish Museum—a new museum opening at Third & F Streets, NW, in Spring 2023—is a secular organization that explores the intersection of the American Jewish experience in the nation’s capital. Now a lot of you may be like …. another Jewish Museum … and let me correct you. There is not a Jewish museum in DC, there’s the Holocaust Museum, which is not a celebration of Judaism that is a tomb of remembrance. This Museum will inspire connection across communities with me today to talk about the new museum and the Capital Jewish Food Festival is Lisa Del Sesto, Museum Educator of the Capital Jewish Museum. Lisa brought with her good friend Susan Barocas, chef, caterer, and food writer who is putting on the staged events. Lauren Newman from CityBlossoms one of the Museum’s Community Partners and Peter Schechter from Immigrant Foods talked about all the restaurant involvement. Listen to the full episode here.