The Snally Roars On Industry Night: Industry Night, September 13, 2022


The BEAST is back. No, not David Nellis of Foodie And The Beast fame. The BEAST - The Snalleygaster Festival. Back on with me is world-renowned beer expert, Neighborhood Restaurant Group Partner, and one of the brains behind Snalley, Greg Engert. Greg & I catch up on the the10 year anniversary and how one goes about curating all the incredibly unique offerings that one can really only find at this festival. Greg brought with him John and Bonnie Branding, Founders of the really fabulous Wheatland Spring Farm Brewery (Waterford VA), and the no less fabulous Dino Funari the Founder of Vitamin Sea Brewery. Together we chatted about the beer process, the current artisanal beer landscape, and what makes Snalleygaster so special. That’s Industry Night with Nycci Nellis, Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. on RealFunDC. Listen to the full episode here.