Welcome to another episode of Industry Night! So if you pay attention to my insta feed you know I have been traveling for the past month. I have had the incredible good fortune to travel through different areas of Italy - a little bit of work and a little bit of play — back to Sardinia, first time traveling to Como and being in Milan during fashion week. It was all pretty fabulous.

The sites, the sounds, the conversations, the wine and the food — so I’m gonna take you on a quick tour of Northern Sardinia:

-But first can we talk about flying La Compagnie?!

-Stayed at the fabulous Petra Segreta

-The Town of San Pantaleo

-Sardinian flatbread - Pane Caseau - My Kryptonite


-L’Assaggio — Mussels for days - and pasta

-Surrau Vineyard — Vermentino & Cannanau

-Alghero — the Cliffs!

-Dinner at the Marina at Porto Rotondo — more pasta & lobster -Favorite beach — Cala Granu — more pasta, Sardinian clams and lobster

-Last night at Il Fuoco Sacro - Michelin Starred Executive Chef Luigi Bergeretto and the famed Enrico Bartolini

We met so many incredible people and explored even more this year. It is our happy place. Next I’m gonna take you to Como — wait until next week — cause as much as I would love to sit here and talk about Italy um do you see me sitting in a new setting?!

I am at the beautiful Capital Jewish Museum in downtown DC. Now some of you who have been watching/listening to me for a long time may remember that I had the team from the Museum last year — the museum was not opened yet but as a way to get people excited about the opening they threw this pretty fabulous festival last October. I was there, I interviewed Michael Twitty (IYKYK), the sun was shining, the food was delicious and all the people were there. BUT the museum was not open.

So, guess what? It is now open. The Museum opened its doors in the spring of 2023. And it is glorious. Now, last year I heard from some people — another Jewish museum?! — so let me get this out of the way now: The Holocaust museum is not a museum celebrating the life and times of Jewish people. It bears witness to the tragedy of the Holocaust. The Capital Jewish Museum explores the Jewish experience in the national capital and inspires visitors to connect, and reflect thanks to a beautifully laid out and thoughtfully curated museum. So excited to talk with some of the people who made this all happen today:

-Malki Karkowsky, Chief Advancement Office

-Bettina Neudert-Brown, Principal, Lead Designer for Capital Jewish Museum | SmithGroup

-Sarah Leavitt, Curator

Let’s get into it …


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