927 F Street NW 

Moon Rabbit by Kevin Tien has reopened  in a new home on F Street. The reimagined menu brings guests on a sweeping journey through Vietnam with a deeper exploration of regional dishes and landscape, plus innovative touches from Chef Kevin Tien's roots. Guests can get excited for desserts from Pastry Chef Susan Bae and cocktails from Thi Nguyen. The menu of shareable and family-sized dishes features exotic flavors and ingredients predominately sourced from Vietnam (such as Durian, Soursop, and Seaweed) to create unpredictable combinations that may not be seen on an average menu. The drinks menu features multiple aspects of regional flavors and ingredients  that are indigenously used in Vietnam (such as Rau Ram, Pickled Lemon, Curry). There are many Asian spirits on the menu that are Vietnamese-specific or owned by Vietnamese people. Chef Tien has retained over 90% of both the original dining room and kitchen teams- which is the only thing that is similar to Moon Rabbit from its previous location and a testament to his leadership and guidance. 

Photo by Rachel Paraoan