Monet Experience in DC

Anna-Alexandra Rojo Wildman

We had the pleasure of exploring the Monet Immersive Experience, which has taken the place of the Van Gogh experience that was in the Rhose Island Center space this past year. For fans of the Van Gogh exhibit, this Monet iteration is just as fun, if not more so. 

After an introduction to Monet, his life, and the Impressionist movement, enter a reproduction of his work space in Giverny. With paintings all over the walls and charming quotes from the artist, you feel as if you've stepped into his home. 

From there, you pass though a curtain to the gardens, featuring the famous Japanese Bridge spanning a charming animated pond. 

Next, enter a dynamic room where you can enjoy a variety of different works projected on the walls (and floors), from his early characatures to the train station, to his paintings of Venice, and much more. 

Pull up a chair, or lay back on a cushion, and take it all in (or, in our case, tour the room on the heels of a newly walking small human). 

Don't miss the fun VR experience that takes you *into* Monet's paintings before you hit the crayons to create your own masterpiece at the exit of the show. 

Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience: 524 Rhode Island Avenue NE; Open to and thoroughly enjoyed by all ages, but full immersion and VR is best experienced by guests older than 16 months. Tickets can be found here.