The Changing Face of Front-of-House

GoTab has unveiled a new all-in-one restaurant POS to further assist & provide a robust experience for those in the industry. The GoTab restaurant POS was designed to help operators adapt to changing preferences while still creating a personal connection with guests. As the global pandemic changed the dining industry, customers now expect a different kind of hospitality experience, one that is responsive to their needs and preferences. With QR code ordering, guests have control over the ordering and payment experience, choosing to order what they want, whenever they want. With the GoTab all-in-one restaurant POS, operators can now easily tailor a guest-initiated experience or a server-initiated experience, enabling both parties to start and access the ordering tab and giving everyone flexibility to place orders however they wish. GoTab helps provide the best customer service, allowing guests to easily communicate how they want the restaurant to curate their dining experience. Request a demo and ask about their two-week trial at