Complimentary Show At WHINO Showcasing Internationally Recognized Artist DRAGON76

September 16,2021 – September 16,2021 all-day
4238 Wilson Boulevard, on the second floor of Ballston Quarter

Shane Pomajambo, the owner, designer, and art curator of newly opened, WHINO, is pleased to host this solo art show which will feature Japanese born artist, Dragon76. Born in Shiga in 1976, Dragon76’s artwork is passionate and energetic, touching one’s soul, as it is constantly evolving. The title of his show is KEMURI, which is Japanese for smoke. “Smoke is a chemical reaction to an object with fire and my art style is also a chemical reaction of traditional and futuristic,” explains Dragon76. “My paintings are characterized by smoke.” The concept of Dragon76’s art style is “the coexistence” of two opposites such past and future, stillness, and motion, evil and justice. He also performs improvised and dynamic live paintings shows around the world, attracting a large audience. Thursday, September 16th at 7:00 p.m. For more information, please click here.

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