Foodie & The Beast: Back in Studio!

Foodie & The Beast is back baby. Actually, we never left but we have been recording the show out of our bedroom for the last 16 months! What an absolute gift to be back in studio with producer Andy and all of our incredible guests: 
*Mitch Berliner of Central Fam Markets chatted Gazpacho 
*Georgia Dunn, the woman behind the British West Indies Trading Company, joined us to pour a variety of her family-inspired beverages like ginger beer — as it was originally made — and hard lemon and mango “ades” made with the simplest of ingredients. 
*Good friend and one of the area’s beloved chefs and restaurant owners, Kyle Bailey has been very busy during the pandemic opening up one of the sparkliest restaurants - Dauphine’s - to hit DC in a long time. 
*Nature’s Path Gardens for Good program recognizes the critical role of community gardens through grants. Samantha Falk talked the program’s mission and efforts while grant recipeint, Truphena Choti, shared how she is bringing gardens and all their goodness to her community.
*Not one to sit idly by, restaurateur Hakan Ilhan had to do some twists and turns during the pandemic. Coming soon is his new Il Piatto helmed by chef Christ Lanydrek. 
We ate, we drank, and we talked. A lot. It feels so good to be back. Tune in to the latest #FoodieAndTheBeast — it's the closet thing to being there.