A Rose By Any Other Name: Industry Night, February 1, 2024


Hello, and welcome to another episode of Industry Night. For the month of December, I have had the pleasure of taping this show in WREN restaurant in the Watermark Hotel. This area is the new shiny & bright Capital One Center. An entire town center has been built up on the other side of the highway from what you traditionally think of Tysons. Joining me today is Tara McNamara, the Chief Experience Officer (AND the first person I met here at the Watermark — a little over 2+ years ago when the property opened) and she can really talk about the hotel’s growth and all the amazing amenities! Later in the show, I am talking to restaurateur, TV host, wine trailblazer, and now cookbook author — Rose Previte.

Rose and I go way back. She reached out to me when she was launching her first restaurant, Compass Rose. She had a very clear vision of what she wanted and knowing that she was new to the restaurant game, she smartly engaged with people in the industry to verify she was on the right path. And, needless to say, she was. After opening Compass Rose to massive accolades, the Michelin-starred Maydan followed, as did Kirby Club and now the new Medina. In her spare time she hosted a TV show, has launched Go There Wines and is behind the gorgeous Maydan cookbook.
Let’s get into it - watch the full episode here, or listen to the recording here.