How Does Your Garden Grow? Industry Night, February 8, 2024


Welcome to another Industry Night. I've been taking it a little slow for the month of January, taking time for a little refresh. I have been so fortunate to be able to share such incredible stories from people who do the work on this show. It's really an honor. I am amazed and grateful, especially when I look over all the shows from the past year. If you listen to the show, you can also see what we are doing on YouTube — which makes it so much fun for me. Adding the YouTube component has been such a game-changer. You can see me at the WineLair, The Point, and The Watermark Hotel — these residencies have been so unique. AND so much to come in 2024. More and more and more in 2024!

And that starts with my guest today. So you hear me talk about my other show, Foodie & The Beast — it's been on air for 15 years — I know you know! But I've had mostly AMAZING shows over the course of those 15 years. Once in a while, a guest gets nervous or struggles, but still, it is usually all salvageable. Well, a few months ago, Emma Jagoz, this incredible first-generation organic vegetable farmer who founded Moon Valley Farm, was on, and every other guest — EVERY other guest --  did not have it that day. Emma has such a terrific story, and it kind of got overshadowed by what wasn't happening in the studio. I was disappointed and honestly a bit angry. But we can talk about media training or being ready for an interview on another day. (Actually, I think I am going to do a quick little video on that!) 

I was hoping Emma wouldn't hold it against me when I asked her to join me on this show, and thankfully, she did not. Moon Valley Farm is this year-round certified organic vegetable farm. It's an online farmers market for home delivery; it has a 600+ member community-supported agriculture program; it services many of the restaurants you eat in and school systems — I mean! Anyway — we will get into Emma and how she makes her garden grow in a just a second, first I'm going to tell you where I have been:
So you know, I have been out and about —

-Amparo Fondita - Fab Mexican cuisine by Chef Christian Irabien
-RAMW Annual Holiday Party at the Park on 14th
-Late Night Dining at Old Ebbitt
-High Tea at the St. Regis
-Immigrant Food Serves Up Lunch at Planet Word
-Back at the Glorious Casa Teresa

Now to Emma Jagoz of Moon Valley Farm. Emma grew Moon Valley from a one-woman show cultivating ¼ acre for 12 people to employing 20, cultivating 70 acres, and feeding thousands.
Let's get into it. Listen to the full episode here, or watch it here.