Agritourism As A Successful Business Model - Right in Our Back Yard: Industry Night, April 20, 2023


Welcome to another episode with me, Nycci Nellis, your host. Join David and me as we chat with Cory Van Horn, Chief Strategy Officer of Visit Montgomery, Maryland, about exciting programs aimed at engaging with locals and visitors alike in the MoCo region. We'll dive into the creative process behind thoughtful activations like the MoCo Eats program, which highlights local eateries, and the new Tastemaker Trail featuring craft beverage producers in Montgomery County. Plus, we'll explore the region's dedication to Agritourism with special guests Kelly Groff, President & CEO of Visit Montgomery, Tommy Evans, Owner & Cidermaker of Two Story Chimney Ciderworks, and Alex Markoff, Director of Calleva Farm. Discover how they work together to achieve incredible growth and success in this dynamic region. Don't miss it!

"Montgomery County's programming and experiences are authentic and rooted in culture. Locally, it's about showcasing that story through a program." - Cory Van Horn

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Visit Montgomery

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Two-Story Chimney Ciderworks
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Calleva Farm
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