The Art of the F1 Cow: 50% Angus, 50% Japanese Wagyu (100% Delicious): Industry Night, April 27, 2023


I always start an episode of Industry Night with what I’ve been eating and where I’ve been drinking and you know, this week I have been consuming mass quantities:

Grazie Nonna — Casey Patton’s latest red sauce Italian HOT spot. Order: Tangy and bright Caesar, spicy meaty pizza & the spinach bucatini with whipped ricotta

Back at Petite Cerise — Jeremiah Langhorn’s French brasserie serves all the traditions. Order: Manifest Bread (slather with the Bernaise mousse that comes with the asparagus) and the Croque Madame (ham, bechemel, think slices of bread dipped and fried and topped with an egg)

Lutece — Chef Matt Conroy is keeping the food-illiterate tongues wagging for good reason. Order: The Caviar

Back at Bazaar —  This time for a proper dinner. Get in on all of Chef Jose Andres classics

Okay — that’s enough about my eating but stay tuned I am going up to NYC for some feasting, taking in the Thierry Mugler exhibit in Brooklyn, and seeing Sean Hayes in Good Night Oscar. Full report coming next week!

Today’s show:

Back in February my fellow food friend David Hagedorn and I were invited out to visit Ovoka Farms in Paris, Virginia. We love a field trip. Now - footnote - my husband David and I make our way out to that area quite a lot — we love hiking at Sky Meadow state park — and I tell you this because when we pulled up to the address — I was like! OMG, David and I always wonder about this property and the house and the cows and the whole thing because it is truly a site to behold! And that’s when I met Karen Way, Owner, and Roy Lambert Chief Agribusiness Officer of Ovoka Farms. Together with their marketing partner Jessica Morton, they shared their story about the farm, the creation of their incredibly high-end product F1 Beef — a marriage of Angus + Wagyu — and how they are managing a small independent sustainable farm. So much to learn — let’s get into it.

"Different breeds of cows were bred together to create the F1, which is a 50/50 mix of two types of cows. This resulted in a hearty cow with good marbling when raised correctly." - Roy

"We are able to understand the personalities of our animals because we are attentive to their behavior and characteristics. It's similar to how we know the personalities and quirks of our family members or children. By knowing and working with their unique qualities, we are able to have a better relationship with them." - Karen

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Our Guests:

Karen Way
Owner, Ovoka Farm LLC
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Roy Lambert
Chief Agribusiness Officer, Ovoka Farm LLC
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