Always A Wild Time: Industry Night, June 15, 2023


I met the Wilder Brothers — Ari & Micah — a long … long … time ago. I think I met Ari first when he was behind the bar at Zola? This was just as I was getting into the biz (sigh, Zola!). Ari & Micah Wilder were, and continue to be, a part of the cocktail renaissance here in DC. They made their names known thanks to their commitment to the products they were creating whether in the glass they served you or in their own mixers that they bottled and sold. So ahead of the game! You can find Ari & Micah behind some of the best beverage lists and concepts around town.  The two are behind the wildly adored Chaplins and Zeppelins. Ari just opened the little gem, Kappo — that I recently gushed about, and Micah has teamed up with David Deshaies at the incredible Love, Makoto — which I have also professed my love for.  I knew them when they were still babies — and now they have babies! I am so excited to have them on Industry Night. We talk about their history, trajectory, and what’s on the horizon.

"The pandemic posed price challenges, but we remained committed to serving our audience with competitive prices." - Ari Wilder

"Beverage taught us a lot. It's as valuable as culinary, doubling your profits when given equal emphasis. It's like unlocking a hidden wing,“ - Micah Wilder

"It was a trend of enhancing cocktails, respecting their history, and creating healthier, tastier products. It showed a true commitment to integrity," - Nycci Nellis

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