Does The Name JewFro Offend You?: Industry Night, June 1, 2023


At the beginning of every show, I talk about where I have been and what I have been eating. No shortage of delicious travels this week:

-Stopped in the beautiful little gem, Kappo by Chef Minoru Ogawa and his partners Ari Wilder and Adrian Williams. We were taken on an 8-course feast and lucky us, we were happily in Chef's capable hands.
-Love love love hiking up Lost Mountain in Sky Meadows Park in Fauquier County
-Luxe lunching at Patrick O’Connell’s Patty O’s
-A night at the Shakespeare Theatre for the powerful new production, Here There Are Blue Berries

Viewers/listeners of this show know that Back in the Fall, I was blessed to be asked to interview famed author and storyteller, Michael Twitty, on the main stage at the Capital Jewish Museum Festival. And thanks to Michael, I met Professors LaNitra Berger & Lauren Strauss who co-taught a program together on the Jewish & Black diaspora connection & divide. We had an amazing show (see: THE COMMINGLING OF BLACK & JEWISH CULTURES & CUISINES, FEBRUARY 23).

Which brings me to today's show: Ari Augenbaum & Nar Hovnanian are behind multiple Richmond concepts: Soul Taco Restaurant & Sear Burger and JewFro Restaurant. Ari is white, Nar is Armenian, and their partner, Trey Owens is black. In their concept, JewFro, they take their personal histories, find common ground, and execute it on the plate.

"By embracing open-mindedness and the willingness to challenge preconceptions, even when faced with potential offense, we can engage in meaningful conversations rooted in love." - Ari Augenbaum

"We embarked on a collaborative journey, delving into research and engaging in conversations, all with a shared mindset, to unveil what genuinely resonates and aligns with our vision." - Nar Hovnanian

"The culinary landscape in that area is truly dynamic, with an abundance of exciting happenings, and jufro plays a vital role in its vibrant tapestry." - Nycci Nellis

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Our Guests:

Ari Augenbaum & Nar Hovnanian

JewFro Restaurant

Soul Taco Restaurant

Sear Burger