On the next Industry Night … So I know I have mentioned being at the James Beards awards quite a few times but I’m gonna mention it again because it pertains to one of today’s guests. Yes, I am a believer in the James Beard Mission, reason 1 why I was there. And yes I got the gig of a lifetime being hired by Hilton to be their ambassador on the red carpet — interviewing all the amazing people in the culinary world — like JBAward winner, Rob Rubba. Now Rob & I go way back. In fact he was on Foodie and the Beast years ago when he was working with NRG to open up Hazel — that’s how long ago. And look at baby all grown up now with his restaurant Oyster Oyster and with a Michelin star, Esquire magazine's Best New Restaurant, the 2023 Outstanding Chef for James Beard Foundation, a "snail of approval" from Slow Foods USA, Wine Enthusiast magazine's Best New Restaurants in America, as well as Food and Wine magazine naming Rubba a Best New Chef in America 2022. I mean what other accolade is there to get? So how did Rob evolve? Well some of it had to do with another incredibly old friend. Max Kuller — I’ve mentioned good friend and restaurateur Mark Kuller who was an absolute force in the DC food, wine & hospitality scene. It was a friendship I cherished and I miss Mark a lot and think of him often — Mark’s son Max became a part of the industry early on. He too was on F&TB pouring sherry I believe and I remember texting his dad and telling him that not only does his passion shine through on the mic but he is like sugar — put his finger in water and it becomes sweeter. Now look at him! At some point Max met Robb and they put together an award-winning concept that a lot of people were like … Oyster Oyster is plant based?! What the what?

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