Before we get into this week’s Industry Night, I want to remind all of you out there that Chef’s For Equality is back - YEA! - and this year the 7-ring circus of an event is back after a pandemic hiatus. If you are unaware - Let me catch you up:


  • This year at the National Building Museum, 13 “chef tables” that run from 12k-40k
  • 50 stations of best restaurants in the area
  • Champagne/Caviar VIP lounger — 4KG’s of caviar people!
  • Drag Brunch speed diner
  • And the Cakes!
  • Oh and Queerlada
  • Chef's For Equality

Ok —You have been informed and on to today’s guest.

Now in this role I get to chat Industry with lots of incredibly knowledgeable people. Many I don’t know and thanks to these conversations we become good friends. But! I love bringing on old friends - those who sort of started around the same time as me - and especially those who have grown incredibly over the years. Their vast experience has made them an expert and they have been appropriately rewarded for it. Enter Adam Crocini. Currently the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Food & Beverage Brands at Hilton. Adam has a storied history with his rise in the F&B world — which we will get to — but what he is doing at Hilton is not just changing the brand’s image it is upping the culinary experience the guest can expect.

If you are of a certain age you remember that there was a time when hotel restaurants set the standard for dining. They housed the four-star restaurants and were where real foodies went for fine dining. And Hilton was one of the originators. Think The Waldorf Astoria and the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico. Over the years and with the rise of independent restaurants, hotel dining lost its fabulousness — but there has been a shift. And if you have been traveling or honestly just paying attention you see the rise in excellence at hotels with their gastronomic offerings once again.

We’re going full circle with Adam Crocini.


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Today's Guest: 

Adam Crocini

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