Boss Babe Alert: Industry Night, July 27, 2023


Welcome back to Industry Night with me Nycci Nellis. Per usual, I have been out and about, and it’s been delish!

Omakase at Cafe Unido — Brewmaster Francisco Flores took us on an educational tasting tour of the Panama Geisha bean and I now know why the coffee connoisseurs are obsessed.

There’s a reason that Zepplin’s is a neighborhood fave for sushi. It’s delicious! The Wilder brothers (who were recently on this show) opened up the spot a few years ago because they wanted really good sushi in their Shaw neighborhood — Mission Accomplished — and with Corey LeDroit behind the bar you know those cocktails were spot on.

Kind of did a progressive from Zepplin’s and walked over to the Chaplins — now every time I am there it is usually very late at night when nothing good is about to happen — but not this time. Tasted delish ramen, had some rosé on tap, and really saw the space with a totally different vibe.

Melina - A wonderful Greek restaurant by the Cava guys up in Pike & Rose. Such a great place for amazing bread service, gorgeous salads, and all the spreads.

We do The Fourth at Le Dip almost every year and it did not disappoint - Lobster Frites or everyone!

AND got a sneak peek of the new Salt Line in Bethesda. It took over the old Kapnos space that has been empty for a really long time. All your faves: massive oyster & raw bar, plump lobster rolls, crispy tasty soft shells, and that smash burger!

Um, okay so your girl has been bizzy but let’s get on to today’s show:

Sitting at the table with me while I have been prattling on is the definition of a Boss Babe. If you look up the term in the dictionary there would be a photo of Daniella Senior there. Daniella started a catering business at 13 in the Dominican Republic, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, is a certified sommelier, is behind the inception of both the amazing Colada Shop and Michelin-starred restaurant Bresca, is the creator of nationally acclaimed Latin Bar, Serenata -named one of Esquire Magazine’s Best Bars in America- AND Daniella currently serves as a Board Member of the Women Chef’s and Restaurateurs; is a mentor for Empowered Women International and is on the Steering Committee of New Guard Womxn in Hospitality. She is also a James Beard Women Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. Most recently, Daniella was named one of Forbes 50 Latina Women Innovating to Sustainably Feed the World and a Washington Business Journal 40 under 40 honoree for this year. So you know just a few things …

"We aim to take our guests on a remarkable journey, not just sell products to them."- Daniella Senior

"I fearlessly embraced challenges, unveiling my courage and resilience, which ultimately led to my success." - Daniella Senior

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