So if you pay attention to my insta feed you know I have been out and about. And it has been a few weeks of incredible eats I am thinking of naming this part of the show — Nycci Knows, or Where is Nycci — think on it and give me your thoughts:

  • the RAMMYS! Yes, that was me up on stage with NBC 4’s Shawn Yancy as we got to give out several awards to the very deserving nominees - I always tear up because these awards mean so much to so many. I am grateful that I get asked to be a part of this event every year and I am already planning my outfit for next year!
  • After all the excitement of getting ready for the Rammys — and the party that went along with it — I headed out of town for a week. I would love to say to relax — but who relaxes anymore, it was a bit of work and a bit of beach but I was so happy with my change of scenery. Now the days of going to the Delaware Shores and just eating pizza and fries is long over. I mean of course I ate fries — Thrashers are the best especially drowned in malt vinegar - but also checked out the recently opened Drift in Rehoboth, amazing raw oyster offerings and Lobster French Toast, Baked Oysters and the massive Tomahawk Steak at Harvest, and fresh, local produce appears in the dishes at One Coastal.
  • Back at home I met up with good friends at L’ardente — it had been a minute since I had been back - cause I am always going to their sister restaurant Love, Makoto - as you know I am obsessed with their Beloved BBQ — I was ready for pasta and L’Ardente is one of the best places in town to indulge.
  • New to the burbs is the brewery BabyCat — an incredible addition to the Kensington neighborhood. All weekend long they have live music and the entire hood comes out for hazy ipa’s and other brews. For me — they have a lovely French rose behind the bar so you know I am happy.

Let’s get on to today’s show:

Coffee lovers … I got you! A couple weeks back on the show with the amazing Daniella Senior —> you heard me talk about my experience at Cafe Unido. I gushed about the Omakase experience that Brewmaster Francisco Flores took me on. It was truly an educational tasting tour of the Panama Geisha bean and I now know why the coffee-connoisseurs are obsessed. Café Unido is a renowned pioneer in the Panamanian specialty coffee scene, known for blending the finest coffee from local farms in Panama. Now! I am bringing some of that experience to you today. Francisco Flores, head roaster at Cafe Unido is here with me today AND in a lucky last minute addition so is Feres Yebaile one of the co-founders of Cafe Unido.

Put your sorry-ass coffee down.

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