Chef Michael Friedman Has More Than One Purpose: Industry Night, May 25, 2023


I love this show — because I just love today’s guest. Fellow New Jersey native, Michael Friedman has been a mainstay of DC dining for more than a decade. He radiates so much positivity and joy — and all of that comes through his cooking and the restaurants that he owns and opens. A CIA grad, Chef Mikey is behind Red Hen, not one but two All Purposes and the forthcoming — and I cannot wait – Aventino in Bethesda. We go through it all: His growing up on Jersey pizza by the slice, the epiphany after college of working in a restaurant, finding the foundations of food at the Culinary Institute of America, and how stages in restaurants around the country provided the inspiration for how he executes at his properties. His knowledge is vast and his energy infectious. Join us as we go down the Mikey Friedman rabbit hole on the next Industry Night.

"Let the flavors of formative food experiences ignite your inner fire and shape your unique path." - Michael Friedman

"Embrace the artistry of the culinary world, where creativity meets technique, and hands-on learning shapes a remarkable journey." - Michael Friedman

"Success in the restaurant industry is not just about the food, it's about the entire experience, from the culture and environment to the management and system in place." - Nycci Nellis

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