The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington Takes The Lead With A New Leader: Industry Night, June 8, 2023


If you pay attention to my insta feed you know I have been out and about. And, per usual, it has been a week of incredible eats:

-Love Makato: Last time I told you about the BBQ. Today it's about the Izakaya.

-Queen English: Hong Kong cuisine here in DC. Loving the young bamboo shoots, drunken noodles, and that whole fried snapper.

-Villa Yara: new in Georgetown. Lebanese wines in a beautiful setting.

Now on to today’s show:

Many of you know that I am so fortunate to have this incredible relationship with The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington aka RAMW. Over the years their former President, Kathy Hollinger, has joined me on this show (and F&TB) to talk us through what is happening in the Industry — staff shortages, Initiative 77, restaurant weeks, the pandemic insanity — RAMW is a lifeline not just for their members in the Industry, but for diners and consumers alike. Well, now there is a new sheriff in town! Actually, a new CEO, Shawn Townsend who you may remember as the inaugural Director of the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife and Culture, Shawn is now head of the RAMW and he has a lot to share. Today we are going to discuss how RAMW advocates for and promotes the vitality of the capital region’s hospitality industry, what is going on with the tipped credit, The RAMMYS, and the recent launch of Food Jobs DC. We had so much to discuss ...

"Our aim is to promote transparency and ensure clarity regarding fees so that no one is left puzzled by unexpected charges on the final bill" - Shawn Townsend

"Our students feel the excitement when we expose them to pro star competitions and restaurant kitchen tours. It's a truly invigorating and inspiring experience for them." - Shawn Townsend

"Restaurant week provides a unique chance for people to indulge in a culinary experience tailored to their comfort level, both in terms of price and enjoyment." - Nycci Nellis

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