Conversations Behind The Kitchen Door: Industry Night, December 8, 2022


Industry Night is now recorded at the beautiful private wine club, WineLair in downtown DC. WineLair's chef, Kene Izegnu joined me to talk about her journey to this kitchen -- she has quite the resume -- and how she balances being a chef with her diabetes diagnosis. And then! Emmanuel Laroche grew up savoring the best food and drink that France offers, eventually earning him the American nickname: “Champagne Charlie.” My kinda guy! He has more than twenty years of experience in the food and beverage industry, both in Europe and in the US. Through his job, Emmanuel has access to a variety of acclaimed people in the food industry and launched a podcast called Flavors Unknown, featuring his conversations with these personalities. More recently Emmanuel released the book Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door his collection of these and other dialogues with award-winning chefs from various backgrounds and cultures, sharing their experiences of the where and why of food culture is where it is today.

"The recipe is only a guideline. You can change it or replace it. You can free to experiment in the kitchen and it is a great learning." - Emmanuel

"Being a chef is always staying fresh and relevant. there are things that need to stay on the menu because nobody's going to let it go but the rest of it has to be engaging and has to stay fresh." - Nycci

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Our Guests:

Chef Kene Izegbu


Book Mentioned:

Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door