All The Wine, All The Cheese & Saber That Champagne: Industry Night, December 15, 2022


So many very exciting things happening here on Industry Night with me Nycci Nellis. First the new home & sponsor. Most of the shows are now taped at the private wine club, WineLair. However, today's show finds us with Jill Erber the absolute cheesiest and I say that whole heartedly. Jill opened her first Cheesetique in 2004 — the one we are recording from today -- in Del Ray and she now has a second one in Shirlington. Jill chats entertaining with cheese all day long which is why we are such good friends. She talks about the cheese, she serves the cheese and I eat the cheese! AND! Sometimes she pours wine — It is a perfect relationship! So today at the Del Ray property people from all over the area are coming into Cheesetique for their annal Wine & Dine Expo. Jill invited me to record the show here so she and I could chat cheese, holidays, all her programming and so much more. Jill brought with her several of the people pouring wines today including John Peters from Well Crafted Beverage & Andrea Wallace from Metro Cellars. Warning we learn how to saber -- and and are ready to entertain at our next dinner party.

"There is kind of an industry expectation and standard of what it means to be natural. And it means you're just not adding stuff in the winemaking process." - Andrea Wallace

What I have found in my relationship with our vendors is that the personal relationship and knowing one another is the most important." - Jill Erber

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Our Guests:

Jill Erber, Cheese Lady at Cheesetique

John Peters

Andrea Wallace