Cutting The Way For Black Women In Wine: Industry Night, May 11, 2023


I love having a guest that I adore on Industry Night. Today’s guest, Julia Coney and I go quite a way back. The first time we met I was at a discussion/luncheon on Champagne and Julia walked into the room. And let me tell you when Julia walks into the room — you know it. There’s an incredible energy radiating from her. It’s so attractive that everyone wants to get to know her — me included! Other than being this incredible light she also happens to be an unbelievably talented wine educator, journalist and speaker! But that’s not all - this former beauty blogger - is the founder of Black Wine Professionals and Julia is the recipient of Wine Enthusiast's 2020 Social Visionary Award— AND LASTLY — I got to spend a week this past summer with Julia when we were both selected to be on the Reality trip to Israel. So, it's been almost a year since we have seen each other — so we are going to catch up and you get to hear all about the wine Julia is drinking, the insane trips she is taking and she leaves us with some of her must-do travel tips which I call Julia Knows.

"I think there's a disconnect because people feel like their dollars don't mean anything when they go to a restaurant. We must recognize the value of their budget and truly listen to the customer." - Julia Coney

"The problem with knowing what you like is that you already know what you want and what you don't -." - Julia Coney

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Our Guest:

Julia Coney