Napa Valley Wines, So Much More To It Than Just The Vines: Industry Night, May 4, 2023


Welcome to another delicious show of Industry Night with me, Nycci Nellis. So excited to share today's show because we are talking wine and not just any wine ... Napa Valley Wine. Those of you who have been tuning in over the last 7 years know that every now and again I have the absolute pleasure of talking to the wine makers & experts of the Napa Valley region. Pre-Covid a whole cluster of them would come in to pour for the industry, and the public and then get their faces up on Capitol Hill to talk to our government about their environmental, agri-business and viticulture concerns. During the height of the pandemic, we had a zoom show where I chatted with winemakers of that plight and now … I must say this is pretty exciting ... The Napa Valley Vintners are back in the DC area with over 20 of their winemaker members, once again pouring for the trade, you the very lucky general public and they are going up to that Hill to talk about the matters that affect them. I had the good fortune to join them at the beautiful Duck & the Peach where the Napa Valley Vintners were hosting an industry-only event. I set up in the too-cool-for-school gin joint, The Wells (tucked behind The Duck & The Peach) and talked all the things with three incredible women:

- Teresa Wall, Senior Director of Communications at Napa Valley Vintner
- Emma Swain, CEO St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery
- Jaime Araujo, Director of Connections & Strategy, Trois Noix

Look we all know Napa Valley wines are delicious, and we all must do what is necessary to keep that pristine area the oasis it is.

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Our Guests:

Emma Swain
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Jaime Araujo

Teresa Wall