Industry Night: Real (Estate) Therapy, February 2, 2023


One of the biggest names in restaurant real estate is John Asadoorian of Asadoorian Retail Solutions. John is an expert in developing and implementing retail leasing strategies. A recognized authority on all things when it comes to the regional real estate market. I brought him on the first Industry Night of 2023 because we hear so much about the hospitality industry and its razor-thin margins, staffing shortages, and cost issues but the one thing that really isn’t discussed is the space — or the development of it. How does a massive development like the Wharf or Union Market District create its vision for retail/restaurants/etc and then make it happen. John makes these deals — but how is success ensured? AND with all the concerns out there — what will the market bear?

"I always look at businesses as what's their story, Who's the owner? Why are they doing this? And could that add value to this piece of real estate?" - John Asadoorian

"If you have a certain vision, and you believe in this, and you do the right thing with the right people, the success will come." - John Asadoorian

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Our Guests:

John Asadoorian
President, Asadoorian Retail Solutions