The Trailblazing Restaurateur & Complicated Man: Industry Night, January 26, 2023


Charlie Trotter — Changed the way we eat in this country today. Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, television star multi multi award winner — but also mercurial, demanding tempermental — maybe he would say I’m just driven to do what I want to do. And let’s be honest Charlie Trotter did just that. Now I never met Charlie or dined in his famous Chicago restaurant but I have heard story upon story over the years from the legions of chefs who worked under him — forget six degrees of kevin bacon —- it’s more like six degrees of Charlie Trotter. In with me today to chat about the man .. the myth ...

"I wanted people to at least appreciate what he went through in order to make Charlie Trotter's what it was and to have an impact on American fine dining." - Rebecca

"He was really trying to make the best possible product he could for the customer." - Michelle

"He was always very generous with me and my family and my career and everything and turned, you know, so grateful." - Michelle

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Our Guests:

Rebecca Halpern
- Director of the new documentary, LOVE, CHARLIE

Lisa Ehrlich
- featured in film; Charlie Trotter’s first wife and partner in opening Trotter’s in Chicago

Michelle Gayer
- Pastry Chef; served as Executive Pastry Chef at Trotter’s and Trotter’s To Go