Keeping Our Rivers Fishable & Swimmable: Industry Night, January 4, 2024


Look at where I am!  I am back with Fish & Fire in 2024! So, here I am down at Buzzards Point in the new sparkling development wedged between the Wharf and Navy Yard. The good people of Fish & Fire Group - aka Greg Casten & co. - have been hosting Industry Night in their pretty fabulous property, The Point. And I am grateful. So here is what I learned recording here: The Point is perfectly situated at where the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers join — talk about picturesque and panoramic views. But there is good work being done

Which leads me to what we are talking about today. Last time I was in, Greg & Dave Pera filled me in on the good works that the Anacostia Riverkeeper organization does, like protecting and restoring the Anacostia River. They constantly strive to ensure a swimmable and fishable — yes! Fishable! waterway.
But what happened? What happened to our historic waterways? How did we get here and what
is our future? In to educate & discuss is Quinn Molner, Director of Operations of Anacostia
Riverkeeper, as well as Greg Casten in with his insight & involvement.

Listen to the full episode here, and watch the interview on YouTube, here.