The Incredible Journey: Industry Night, December 28, 2023


Welcome to another Industry Night here at The Point in DC. Yes, I was out and about last week — did you see me? Actually, you did not see me because I have been sunning my tush in lovely St. Martin. Once again, I ate through the delicious town of Grand Case, nestled on the French Side of Saint Martin. And yes, Caribbean spiny lobster was consumed daily, but you know I have a voracious appetite:

  • First Night lobster and ribs at the lolos aka the shacks. Our favorite, Cynthia's Talk of the Town 
  • Picked up warm croissants, savory & sweet, every morning from Maison Chocolat (pro-tip: the iced cappuccino)
  • Tuna and other incredible raw fish prepared all the ways at Rainbow Cafe
  • Gold-flecked caviar topped beef tartare at Le Pressoir
  • Strands of pasta topped with silky burrata at Spiga
  • Carpaccio of tuna & wahoo fish at Le Bistonome

Talk about if you know you know!

Okay, on to today's show. BBQ! What do you consider BBQ to be? An outdoor meal? Proteins roasted over a wood or charcoal fire? High heat? Low heat? And what about all the styles?! Texas, Carolina, Memphis? AND that's just in the US. We know a whole world cooks in this style as well. How does Grilling differ from BBQ – I mean, seriously?! So, over the summer, I had the chance to sit with Debby Portillo Gonzalez on Foodie & The Beast. She was nominated for a RAMMY award, and I was already a fan of her & her husband Fernando Gonzalez's 2fifty Texas BBQ. Their story is fascinating. They met when they were young — teenagers — and they took a long road from El Salvador to open up 2fifty Texas BBQ during the shutdown of 2020.
I am so excited to talk with Debby & Fernando today,  talk their Salvadoran heritage, their food, and all the things.
Listen to the podcast here, or watch the full episode on my YouTube channel, here.