I have a new Residency! I'm down at Buzzards Point, the new sparkling development wedged between the Wharf and Navy Yard — this is The Point DC. For the next month, the good people of Fish & Fire Group, aka Greg Casten, are hosting Industry Night in their pretty fabulous property. And I am grateful and excited! So, if you don't know, the Point is the Winner of the Restaurant Development & Design Magazine Award for "Best Restaurant Design," The Point has a glorious outdoor patio ideally situated where the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers join — talk about picturesque and panoramic views. But just because the views are fab — what about the food — right? The Point features a 12-foot wood-infused grill and a dedicated raw bar/sushi bar, so yes, locally sourced oysters are shucked to order.

The man, the myth, the legend — Greg Casten — the owner of the Point pops in for a little how do you do.

You pay attention to my insta feed, you know I have been out and about:

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As a regular listener of this show, you know I love to travel. Love it. But making all the decisions is a little overwhelming! When I was a less seasoned traveler, I had done all this research and made all these reservations — it was so stressful — and when I arrived at our hotel, the concierge, Franco, greeted us, sat us down, and asked what our plans were. I took out my book, and he looked at me and said — may I help you here? I was like, PLEASE. He tore through our itinerary, took places out, added places in, and streamlined our trip. It was fantastic! He then let us in on a little secret: whenever you travel and wherever you travel, stay at a hotel that values the concierge's expertise. And since that moment, when selecting a hotel to stay in, I do just that, which got me thinking. I've been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, and I have worked with some of the best in our region. The concierge can really provide you with a stellar trip if you know how to WORK with them wisely. So today's class is a concierge 101

In with me today are two very visible concierges in the DC Area: Leslie Valtin, Lead Concierge from the St. Regis & Jeffrey Morgan, Chef Concierge Conrad — we all go way back. Both Jeff and Leslie took different paths to become the experts that they are today, but here is what they both have in common — They are generous souls, thoughtful problem solvers, and convey hospitality in all that they do. They are both past presidents of the WACA and members of Les Clefs d'Or — let's get an education.


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