So I literally just got back from a few days in NYC. IF you follow me on insta I know you know but I am totally going to share this here. I was so excited to be invited up for the big Michelin Party. So here is the skinny. Most years each city has it’s own party to celebrate the announcement of who kept their stars and who is added. In DC it has been at the French Ambassadors residence every year since DC got their stars. And I gotta say I loved that party - But this year they combined DC, Chicago and NYC. Totally different and incredibly cool. But before the big party — girl had to eat oh and walk — you know I got my 20k steps in every day.

  • Back to Fenchette for a long lovely lunch of oysters with sausages, runny eggs and mortadella, steak tartare and the crispy hot and oh so good frites and of course I had the Paris Brest stuffed with pistachio creme for dessert
  • Galerie at the Smyth Hotel for cocktails
  • The big party at the Spring Studios in Tribeca — Daniel Boulud, Patrick O’Connell, Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller — all the names you know and maybe a few that you don’t were there toasting each other and getting their stars. Too many chefs to list here — but got the for an update on who has been added and who maintained their status.
  • Late night eats at Odeon — let’s just say it was a french brasserie meal kind of day
  • Before leaving to get back to DC I did pop by Danny Myers new Italian spot Ci Siamo in the very sexy Manhattan West development — next to the new Pendry and across from the Hudson Yards development — also incredibly close to Moynihan! Live-fire cooking, house-made pasta, and a robust Italian wine list — not everything was a hit but the place was BIZZY AND BUZZY — anything coming out of the fire was lit

Okay now on to today’s show. Now some of you know that I aside from my media arm of the list I also have a consulting arm. It is probably one of the  most rewarding parts of my business. Working with companies like Hilton, Aramark, among many others I have the ability to put business opportunities in front of independent restaurant owners. I love that. Last year I was working on a project in Palm Springs and came across the incredible Tara Lazar. She is a restaurateur - in the truist sense — she cooks, does all the menu development, the look -feel-and-vibes are all her. She has nine restaurants and NO INVESTORS. She is a mom of two, a wife and in her spare time she is opening up two more properties AND oh I forgot she also opened up a hotel.

I was out in Palm Springs in March for a bit of biz and a bit of play and the highlight was hanging out with Tara! I also ate at almost all of her restaurants! In fact Cheeky’s was across the street from where I was staying and every morning there was a line to get in — every morning! So let’s talk industry biz with Tara Lazar of F10 Creative ~


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