Seven Degrees of Chef Nick Stefanelli: Industry Night, March 30, 2023


I thought I had first met Chef Nick Stefanelli when he opened up Bibiana with Ashok Bajaj back in the day, but he corrected me! We met earlier when he was with Fabio Trabocchi at the award-winning but long-gone Maestro. Anyway, back when I thought we met, Nick was rocking one of the hottest Italian restaurants in town and then he went out on his own. Took a leap opening up the unmatched Masseria in the then barely known Union Market District — it was not called that then —- Masseria was a sexy & sophisticated oasis in the center of an industrial landscape. Nick did not stop there. His multi-tiered Italian mecca, Officina on the Wharf, and now Chef has gone French on us with Le Clou & Vesper at the Marrow hotel - oh and he has a Michelin star - so you know NBD ~

"DC's food scene has come a long way with the opening of diverse and beautiful restaurants that continue to build upon the foundation laid by those before them. - Chef Nick

"Opening Masseria was everything on the table. I went all in for it and didn't look back." - Chef Nick

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Our Guest:

Chef Nick Stefanelli