Vertical Sustainability: Industry Night, April 6, 2023


Access to healthy, nutritious food is not a given for so many. A lot of food availability issues have to do with both farming and farming practices in this country. I’m really excited to talk with Colin O’Neil, who is the Director of Public Policy & Social Impact at Bowery Farming. Bowery is on a mission to reimagine farming from the ground up and is the largest vertical farming company in the United States. In Colin’s role at Bowery, he is driving social impact and sustainability initiatives as well as increasing awareness of the benefits of controlled environment agriculture. Controlled environment agriculture?! So much to learn about the positive impact vertical farming has. That’s Industry Night With Nycci Nellis.

"Unsustainable farming practices have caused us to lose 40% of arable land in the past 50 years, as we've been using land too intensively, leading to topsoil erosion and water depletion." - Colin

"We're using billions worth of pesticides annually, causing harmful exposure to toxic chemicals in our food and water, posing a threat to our health and future generations." - Colin

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