The Food/Mood Connection: Industry Night, March 9, 2023


As the listeners of this show you know, I am an eater! And, I get asked a lot about how I balance my profession of eating while staying in good physical shape — and honestly mental shape as well. Long story, but I have been accused publicly that it was not possible for me to eat the way I claimed because of my size. Which was really inappropriate and honestly wrong. I am not going to pretend that having a good relationship with food is easy — it isn’t. But I am a big believer in the pleasure of food which brings me to today’s guest, someone I haven’t seen in AGES! Mary Beth Albright! She is a food expert, food attorney and a finalist on Food Network Star. She also competed on Iron Chef America. Mary Beth has advised on food systems and managed a White House initiative. Recently she published an incredible book, Eat & Flourish - How food supports emotional well-being. I am so excited to go down this rabbit hole on the food/mood connection with Mary Beth!

“All of us can rise strong from something and we all can take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths” - Mary Beth

“The food that we eat affects our emotions and we can either accept that reality and learn to manage it and learn to use it to our advantage” - Mary Beth

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