This is How Your Garden Grows: Industry Night, May 23, 2024


Thanks for  joining me again on the latest Industry Night. I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, so I am excited to be back on air with my new residency. The next few weeks I’ll be hanging out in some of Peter Chang’s Restaurants. You know Peter Chang? Once coined the restless chef — because area foodies would follow him all around the region to get one of his famous Sichuan dishes. This week I am starting off in Chang. Chang, one of chef’s most recent openings, and the very first one in DC. Peter Chang and his family have such an incredible story, from leaving China, to working at the Chinese Embassy to staying here with his family and now having over 16 restaurants. I’m so grateful to chef’s daughter and business partner, Lydia Chang, for inviting me into her fantastic restaurants to record the show and share her family’s journey. I will be talking to Lydia in just a sec and then later in the show I am so excited to talk with today's guest, Kathy Jentz, editor/publisher of Washington Gardener. I mean hello people, it's planting season! Who better to help our garden’s grow than Kathy?
But first .. where have I been traveling?
- Barcelona
- James Beard Finalists Announcements here in DC at the Waldorf
- Lunch at Bazaar
- Dinner at Cucina Morini
- Alfreda

Listen in to the full episode here, or watch it all unfold here.