Is That a Napa Valley Wine in Your Glass? Industry Night, May 30, 2024


Welcome back to another episode of Industry Night. If you are joining me on YouTube, you can see I am in a new location this week (taking a break from the Peter Chang Family Restaurants where I will be back next week in their brand new location, Ni Hao). And have I mentioned yet that the month of May I’ll be recording at the Capital Jewish Museum? I am — they have a new exhibit on Deli Culture - I’ll Have What She's Having - and they are hosting Industry Night there for the month. AND THEN — I’ll be out at Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane for the month of June. I’m just a tad excited about all these amazing people and places who are hosting Industry Night - including where I am now. 

So today we are at the Urban Grape in Shaw. The Urban Grape is one of the country’s most successful independently owned wine stores, recently opened in DC, and is America’s largest certified Black-owned beverage retailer. They thoughtfully curate wine, beer, and spirits with an emphasis on representation for diverse makers, regions, and varieties. I’ll be talking to old friend, Kat Dean AND THEN — I am so excited. Every year, for the last 5 years? I have had the pleasure of having the Napa Valley Vintners & Napa Valley Winemakers on my show. Such an amazing opportunity to talk to the makers, the farmers, the producers and get an insider look on the nature of the wine business, what is going into the bottle at this moment, what are the pressing issues that are affecting their businesses, and…what are they pouring into my glass right now?!

Michelle Novi
Counsel and Sr. Director of Industry Relations
Napa Valley Vintners

Kellie Duckhorn
General Manager
Baldacci Family Vineyards

Malek Amrani
Founder & Winemaker
The Vice Wines

Are all joining me … but first Where I’ve Been:
- WHCD Party at the National Women’s Museum - thanks to DC Magazine
- Casa Teresa
- Cranes x Crimson Lane Wines
- WineLair - new and improved
- Quick round trip to Philly to revisit Royal Izakaya

Listen to the episode here, or watch it all on YouTube, here.