When In Doubt, Don't Throw It Out: Industry Night, July 3, 2024


And welcome back to another episode of Industry Night. If you join me on YouTube, you will see I am in a new location this wee, and for the next four weeks, and a little excited about it. Back in September, I was here at the Capital Jewish Museum for a sit down with the team to talk exhibits, architecture, and programming. And speaking of programming, the Capital Jewish Museum has this fantastic new exhibit, “I'll Have What She's Having: The Jewish Deli”. It explores how American Jews imported traditions, adapted, and built community through the experience of food. The Jewish deli forged an entirely new American cuisine by combining Central and Eastern European dishes with ingredients abundantly available in the United States.  Growing up in NJ, my dad went to the Mark's Deli in Morristown every Sunday to pick up bagels, lox, and all the smoked fish — we had a feast every Sunday for brunch, and it was one of my favorite meals!

I'm so grateful that the Capital Jewish Museum has invited me back for a full month to host Industry Night. I have some amazing guests coming in the next few weeks, including Joan Nathan, Michael Weissman, Beresovsky's Deli, and more. And wait until I tell you about today's panel. So, I became friendly with Zero Waste's Stephanie Miller when she joined me on Foodie & The Beast — a couple of times — she does such amazing work in the sustainability/food waste space. During our last time together, she gave me all the people she thought I should have on the show, and I was like, "Let's do a panel on Food Waste." So, thanks to Stephanie for bringing this incredible group together. I'll be chatting with:

Stephanie Miller of Zero Waste in DC
Claudia Fabiano of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Ben Parry from Compost Crew
Rachael Jackson, creator of Eat or Toss

All are joining me … but first, Where I've Been:

NYC Trip — Suffs the Broadway show, Pastis, Cafe Carmellini, Modern at Moma & CIA Gala afterparty
L'Avante Garde
Silver Lyan — Paola Velez's new book Bodega Bakes

Okay on to the show, kicking off with Maura Scanlon of the Capital Jewish Museum.

Food Waste. I see it everywhere in my line of work. At restaurants and the massive events - the galas and fundraisers - that I attend, but I also see it in my day-to-day life. Stopping at a Starbucks or the food I let spoil in my fridge. Aside from the fact that so many people go without whole nutritious food, there's also what all that leftover food does when it rots in a landfill.  We all know that food waste is an issue, but maybe we don't know why or what we can do to solve it. Hello! Industry Night's Food Waste Panel!

Dig in with us on the podcast, here, or watch it all on YouTube, here.